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October’s Most Popular Floor Plan

What floor plan did our home buyers choose most in October?

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Betenbough Homes Green Features

In every Betenbough home, there are several features that not only reduce strain on the environment, but also benefit homeowners by reducing energy costs and protecting the health of families. We strive to create a quality, efficient, and healthy atmosphere that is beyond what you would receive with a used home or with another homebuilder.

Betenbough Homes Advanced Framing

Advanced Framing and Engineered Roof Trusses
All wall panels are built in a controlled factory environment. Next, the advanced framing system is delivered to the homesite and assembled efficiently with wall studs strategically placed 24 inches apart. The 24-inch width creates a larger ratio of insulation to wood, creating a more energy efficient, temperature-controlled environment inside the home.

In addition to the framing system, roof trusses are built in a controlled environment, and are designed and stamped by a licensed engineer . Prior to building the trusses, precise dimensions are provided to the engineer, who then uses modern design technology to determine each wood cut that should be made. This efficient system not only enables the engineer to construct wood trusses with little to no waste, but it also eliminates human error.

Low-E Windows
Energy Star-certified windows contain an argon gas buffer, which helps control the temperature variance between indoor and outdoor environments. A foam sealer creates a complete air barrier around the windows, reducing heating and cooling loss.

Energy Efficient Lighting
Up to 50% of the fixtures contain compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFL bulbs. These bulbs last longer, use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and produce less heat, making them safer and cost efficient.

Low-VOC Paint
Our use of low-VOC [volatile organic compound] paints and adhesives will protect your family’s health and the indoor air quality of your home.

Recycled Materials
The carpet pad is made of recycled furniture cushion stuffing, comparable to the inside of a sofa. Also, the wall insulation contains at least 50% recycled glass. The reuse of products helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Programmable Thermostats
Set heating and cooling preferences for your home based on your personal comfort level with programmable thermostats. This feature contains no mercury and uses less energy, reducing utility bills

Energy Star Appliances
Energy Star-certified appliances use less energy and water than other appliances, which saves money and helps reduce your footprint on the environment.

Food Waste Disposer
Food waste disposers provide a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to throwing away leftover food.

Eco-Friendly Cabinetry
The kitchen and bathroom cabinets are engineered in a controlled, off-site environment using modern design programming that helps limit construction waste.

Water Conserving Fixtures
We utilize all Kohler water fixtures in the kitchen and bath. Kohler maintains superior design while still considering sustainability. They’ve won the first-ever WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award. Kohler products bear the WaterSense label, meaning they offer significant water savings and meet strict performance standards. In addition, Kohler has boldyly committed to reducing their carbon footprint and achieve a net zero environmental footprint by 2035.





Home for Hope in Midland – Donors

Our trade partners and suppliers in the Permian Basin have blown us away by immediately jumping on board with our Homes for Hope project in Midland!

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September’s Most Popular Plan

Find out what was the most popular floor plan in September!

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Texas Tech Dream Kids Sponsorship

We're honored to sponsor Texas Tech's Dream Kids at each home football game this season. During each game we celebrate one child who has benefited from services provided by the Ronald McDonald House.

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Homes for Hope in Midland

This week we broke ground on our Home for Hope in Midland! This is the first home in our new community, Lone Star Trails.

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