Carpet Behind the Scenes: Manufacturers, Fibers and Styles

Betenbough Homes Model Home Carpet Details

Have you ever had to replace carpet in a home? Did you research more than just the color before making a final decision? Most people just select a color and go, but have you ever considered looking into manufacturers, fibers, styles, warranties, and pads before you even select color?

It’s very important to investigate carpet and its many components before choosing the right fit for your family, but with all those options it can be a daunting task. My job at Betenbough Homes as product coordinator is to research and choose the best products for your home. I’m basically like a home product search filter!

Since it’s best to take all factors into consideration and find the right product for your needs, lifestyle and budget, I’m going to teach you what to look for. My House Made Home carpet series will look like this:

  • Part 1: Behind the scenes – manufacturers, fibers and styles
  • Part 2: In the home – warranties, pads and color
  • Part 3: Types of carpet you can select for your brand-new Betenbough home

Now, let’s go behind the scenes in the world of carpet!

There are many carpet makers around the world, so how do we know which one to choose? Most of the time when making this kind of product purchase, people don’t look as far back as the manufacturer, but go with the color or style they like. Some of the more recognized carpet manufacturers are Mohawk, Milliken, Beaulieu, Stainmaster and Shaw, with Shaw being the leading manufacturer.

Ask your family and friends for recommendations and spend a good amount of time reading about each manufacturer on their website.

So, what is carpet made of? Fibers!

Carpet Fiber

The fiber you select can determine how long your carpet lasts, how easily it can be cleaned and how much it can cost. When looking at cost, it is crucial to compare like carpet fibers, otherwise comparing a nylon carpet to a polyester carpet is like comparing apples and oranges. The two main types of fibers are:

  • Nylon – Synthetic Fiber – Qualities include appearance retention, good resiliency, great stain resistance, durability and the title of strongest synthetic fiber.
  • Polyester – Synthetic Material – Qualities include fade resistance, great stain and soil resistance and large range of color availability. 

Carpet style can completely change the feel of a room. Think about how you want to feel in your room and how much foot traffic will be moving through the area. After you have considered these two things, select your style from the options below.

Texured Style CarpetTextured
[A popular choice, this casual style is great for active families because the alternating fiber twists help hide high traffic spots.]
(Photo Source)

Saxony Style CarpetSaxony
[Very plush and formal, this smooth and uniform style is a better choice in the master bedroom or formal dining room rather than the playroom.]
(Photo Source)

Frieze Style CarpetFrieze
[Also known as a twist style, this carpet is great in an active area or any room in the home.]
(Photo Source)

Cable Style CarpetCable
[Made of longer yarn, this style feels luxurious, but isn’t great for high traffic areas.]
(Photo Source)

Loop Style CarpetLoop
[This style is durable because the fiber tips are not cut, which gives the look of a large woven rug. Good in high traffic areas and known for durability.]
(Photo Source)

Pattern Style CarpetPattern
[An off-shoot of the loop style, this type of carpet can stand up to traffic, but you could run into a visible-seam problem.]
(Photo Source)

Researching the carpet source, makeup and style you prefer is helpful, but there’s still more. I’ll post again soon about warranties, pads and last but not least, color.

Tell me which style of carpet you prefer!

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