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Home Buying Class Lubbock Information

How often do you have the opportunity to ask industry experts for advice on a purchase? Imagine chatting with Bobby Flay about his favorite grill or asking Nolan Ryan for advice about your fantasy baseball draft. They’ve done all the research – you just listen and absorb the information!

It might not have the celebrity status of the above scenarios, but the Lubbock home buying class is similar. Betenbough Homes hosts a few industry experts in a group setting and gives them the opportunity to share the basics of buying a home. The hour-and-a-half session includes budgeting, mortgage basics and things to remember whether you choose to build a new home or buy a previously owned property. The speakers encourage questions and make sure the entire class understands each point before moving on.

Our next home buying class is tomorrow on Thursday, June 21. Because a complimentary dinner is served at the event, we ask for people interested in attending to RSVP. Unfortunately, the class limit has been reached.

But, thanks to technology, you can still participate!

We will be sharing priceless tidbits of information from the experts over Twitter during the event. Just follow us on Twitter [@betenboughhomes] to keep up with the conversation! We’ll also be using the hashtag [#homebuyingclass], which you can use to see questions and comments from other online followers.

 Home Buying Class Twitter Chat
Thursday, June 21
6:30 – 8 p.m.
@betenboughhomes | #homebuyingclass

Industry Experts
Vanessa Perez – North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation
“Budgeting to Buy”

Gary Henry – PrimeWest Mortgage
“Buying Your New Home”

Troy Finley – Betenbough Homes
“Owning vs. Renting”

Tweet us your home buying questions before or during the event. Comment below if you will be joining in on Twitter!

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