Backyard Olympic Party Ideas

The 2012 Summer Olympics is the perfect excuse to invite your family and friends over for a backyard party. With the wide variety of summer Olympic events, there will be something fun for everyone. You might not be able to coordinate a synchronized swimming game, but table tennis is definitely possible!

The Opening Ceremony is tomorrow, July 27 and the Closing Ceremony is slated for August 12, which means you have three weekends available for a party. Check out the event schedule if you want to host the party around a specific event.

Out of all the Olympic party ideas floating around the internet, the following activity and food ideas caught my eye.

Darchery Backyard Olympic Game


This game was first spotted in Every Day with Rachael Ray. Five hula hoops are wrapped in colored crepe paper to look like the Olympic Rings. Lay the covered hula hoops on the ground, and you have a game! Each player has a few chances to get an object inside of the rings. You can use darts like the original article suggests, but if you are nervous about handing your little ones a sharp object, use bean bags or ping pong balls.

Other games ideas: water balloon toss and a hula hoop relay. See how to play these games on our backyard Olympic party Pinterest board.

Olympic Cookie Medals


How cute are these cookie medals? Visit this blog for a great decorating tutorial.

A backyard BBQ with hot dogs and burgers never fails to please the crowd, but here are a few ideas that will take the gold.

Serve Only Ring-Shaped Foods

Onion Rings with Dipping Sauces
Red – Ketchup
Yellow – Honey Mustard
Green – Pesto or Avocado Ranch
Blue – Blue Cheese
Black – Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce or A1

Other ideas: pizza bagels, donuts, curly fries, angel food cake, tortellini pasta, meatballs

Serve International Food

Start with fish and chips to highlight the host city, London, and then serve the following for different countries or make up your own!

Italy – Pizza
Greece – Gyros with Lamb or Beef
France – Fries
USA – Red, White and Blue Cupcakes

Tell us your idea for a backyard Olympic party! Also, what’s your favorite Olympic sport to watch?

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