The Gutierrez Family – Friends Up and Down the Street

“We love this community because there are tons of young families in the area, and Max has friends up and down the street.”

What a great thing to hear from a new homeowner! We love to hear from families who have developed close friendships with other homeowners in their community. There are a lot of different factors to consider when buying a house, but we think considering what type of neighborhood you want to live in is high on the list. Do you prefer quiet or busy with families always out and about? It’s something to think about!

Each Betenbough Homes community has a different feel. Some are a little more quiet like our Springfield community in Lubbock, but others, like North Park in Odessa, TX, are kid-centric and full of friends for your little ones. Plus, with the addition of our East Park community in Odessa, there is a great opportunity to live in an all-around friendly neighborhood in North Odessa. East Park is North Park’s neighbor; just a jump across 91st Street.

Hear Joe and Paula talked about why they love their community below!

Gutierrez Family Betenbough Home Buying Experience in Odessa, TX

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