Out and About in Quincy Park

As a home builder and a community developer, Betenbough Homes has a unique opportunity to influence the layout of neighborhoods where we build our homes. Our goal is to create a safe, energetic community that brings people together, but also provides privacy. My job as a designer is to create a space that encourages interaction and provides a safe haven for your family. One of our top communities in Lubbock, Quincy Park, is a great example of creating a community gathering space where neighbors can get to know each other.

Quincy Park Logo - Betenbough Homes
Quincy Park is located just west of Milwaukee Ave. at 93rd St. and Quincy Ave. The community features a 9-acre park that includes a walking/jogging trail, 3-acre lake, trees, open grassy areas, benches, and a pavilion with picnic tables. As the development team designed Quincy Park, our goal was for these features to create a central gathering place for community members. Quincy Park has been growing for a little more than a year, and so far the park area has proven to be a huge success. People walk around the park daily, and there is always a neighbor out-and-about.

Quincy Park Pavilion - Betenbough Homes
Quincy Park Pavilion South View - Betenbough Homes

Quincy Park Southwest Lubbock Jogging Trail
In addition to the community design, the development team added a few new looks to our top selling floor plans for Quincy Park. The addition of stone on the front of homes has added warmth and curb appeal to Quincy Park and creates an identity for the community. Click here to see the complete list of floor plans available in Quincy Park.

Tell us: what are your must-haves for a neighborhood?

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