How To Remove a Window for Cleaning

A few weeks ago, this picture was featured on Facebook and Twitter as a preview for our how-to video series.

How to Remove a Window Preview Betenbough Homes
The caption on this photo mentioned removing the bottom panel of your window for a deeper clean. Did you know this was possible? Sure, the Betenbough Homes Experience Specialist goes over this with you during your new home orientation, but you learn a ton of other things during that meeting as well. Plus, it’s hard to focus on the small details when all you can think about is where you are going to place your couch or favorite family photo!

That’s why we are introducing our online how-to video series. Hopefully these videos will serve as a quick, accessible resource when you need a refresher about one of your home’s features.

In our first how-to video, I describe and demonstrate removing a window for cleaning. Click below to watch it!

Check back soon! We’re working on:
How To Adjust Toilet Water Levels
How To Reset Power to Your Garage

Tell us  your ideas for how-to videos in the comments!

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