Spruce up your Christmas tree decor

With Christmas a few days away, I’m sure your home is festively decorated. However, if you’ve ever thought your tree could use a little something extra to make it stunning, keep reading! If you haven’t met Michalea Calmes Perez, I hope you get the opportunity to do so soon. She owned a home décor shop in Lubbock before coming to join our team here at Betenbough Homes.

One of her favorite times of the year is Christmas and she loves to deck the halls and Christmas trees for the season. I was privileged to get to be her elf this year and want to share with you some of her brilliant tips for decorating the tree. Pour yourself a warm cup of hot chocolate or spiced apple cider and let’s get started.

Michalea recommends using floral wire to wire all ornaments onto the tree. This will allow for more control in placement of the ornaments. Next she uses fabrics to decorate the tree. When we decorated, she started with a long piece of fabric which we gathered on one end and tied with a piece of floral wire. Then we began at the top of the tree and carefully placed the fabric between the branches winding and poking it throughout the tree. She also purchased floral picks from a local craft store which she placed in the top of the tree adding color and dimension. She has been known to use sticks in the top of the trees as well to add height and fullness. Michalea suggests using large ornaments and objects that delight your heart on the tree. You can get by with using fewer ornaments if they are large. Smaller ornaments can be placed in baskets with pinecones to dress up a hearth or in glass jars to bring holiday cheer to almost any space.

Michalea has implemented these tips and more at our New Home Center in Lubbock, located at 6517 82nd Street.  I invite you to stop by and see her beautiful creations. Below is a photo of the tree in our Kari model home that Michalea decorated.

Kari Christmas tree, Michalea

Merry Christmas and blessings to your family this holiday season,


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