New model home sneak peek, Part 2

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post and found several decorating ideas you can use in your own home. Today we’ll conclude our tour of the Constance, our newest model home in Odessa! Let’s start in the master bedroom…

For this room, we started with a light blue-green color on the walls and brought in peacock blue, aqua blue and navy in the curtains, accent pillows and wall art. We were delighted with the shading effect these contrasting colors provided. In the master bathroom we brought in some black and deeper blues to set apart the “his” and “hers” vanity areas. Lamps always provide nice lighting so we added those to each room including the bathrooms.

Odessa_model_088aOdessa_model_124aWe decided the teenage boy was into vintage cars and planned his room decor around that interest. We selected bright orange bedding from Target and found several really cool signs for the space. We purchased a tall dresser drawer for his space that featured a different license plate on each drawer front. Many bright colors were introduced with the vintage signs so we opted to stay with the standard “Betenbough Beige” paint color on the walls in this room. Each of our homes come painted with this beautiful color throughout.

Odessa Model_148aFor the guest bathroom, we selected a shower curtain from Target and customized it, making it longer and adding a splash of color in the center. Even though the fabric we chose to customize it with introduces several new colors into our pallet, it still has neutrals and blues running throughout to tie it together with the rest of the home.

New_Odessa_Constace8We hope you’ve enjoyed our glimpse into the Constance and want you to know you are welcome in this home. We invite you to visit the Constance and learn more about our Odessa communities on our website.

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