Lemonpalooza: Seasoned with Love Catering Lemon Tart Recipe

Lemonpalooza: Seasoned with Love Catering Lemon Tart Recipe

At Betenbough Home’s first-ever Lemonpalooza, Seasoned with Love Catering provided a perfect recipe for kids to sell on Lemonade Day.  Many thanks to the chef, Carlos Rangel, for sharing his secrets with us.  If you would like to learn more about Seasoned with Love Catering, visit their website by clicking on the link.


Any Lemon or white cake:              1 Box

Lemon marmalade:                           2 jars

Lemonade:                                            1 cup

   Sugar:                                                     1 tbsp.

Vanilla:                                                  1 tsp.

      Butter:                                                 3 big pats

Mint:                                                      1 leaf

Raspberries:                                       2 each

Mix the cake per instructions on the box.  Spread onto two thin sheet pans lined with parchment paper about half an inch thick.  Bake until toothpick done.

Slice the top part of the cake to make it even with the pan. This will make the cake stack evenly.  Throw the cut pieces in the trash.

cutting top of cake

Cut cake in half

cutting cake in half

Spread the store bought lemon marmalade on half of the cake. Spread evenly.


Flip side of cake without marmalade, and place it on top of the other piece.  Press down.

flip cake

flip cake 1

Use any size biscuit cutters.  (Wet them so they will slide through the cake.)   Press biscuit cutters firmly into the cake.

biscuit cutter

biscuit in cake

Wipe off excess crumbs.  Set the piece of cake onto the plate.

cake in biscuit

cake cut

Making the sauce

Pour lemonade, vanilla, and sugar into skillet.




Stir sugar continually until completely dissolved

sugar stirring

Put stove temperature on high for rapid boil with big bubbles.  (The bigger the bubbles, the thicker the sauce)   Then reduce temperature by 25%.


(Biggest trick to the sauce is letting it cool off.  If you don’t, you’re going to break your butter.  If that happens, you will have an oily, lemony taste.  It won’t be any good.)  You don’t want to see any steam.

cooling pan

Once cooled, stir in butter pats.  The butter pats will thicken the sauce. Stir constantly until all the pieces of butter are completely melted.

melting butter

Sauce will look thick and silky.

silky butter

Pour sauce generously over the cake to saturate it.

pouring the sauce

Place mint leaf on top after opening it.


Press middle down into the cake to make leaves stand up.

mint in cake

Place raspberries on top and on the side



For more ideas to help make money on Lemonade Day, visit Betenbough Home’s Pinterest board, “Lemons to Lemonade.”

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