Stress Less and Enjoy More

Stress less and enjoy more

Stress is a normal emotional response to life’s demands, which is why it’s so important to break out of the everyday routine and do something different.  In honor of April being National Stress Awareness Month, Betenbough Homes would like to share different ways to stress less and enjoy everyday life more.

1.)    Exercise!  Whether it’s spending time at the gym or taking a brisk walk outside, exercise can really give your body an emotional lift.  Physical activity stimulates brain chemicals that leave you feeling happy and more relaxed.  Plus, you will feel better about your appearance because your confidence is boosted and your self-esteem improved.

exercise (Source)

2.)    Enjoy simple pleasures!  Find simple pleasures that you enjoy and sprinkle them throughout your day.  A few suggestions:

Listen to your favorite music

Take time and reconnect with loved ones

Watch the sunset and sunrise

Embrace your children

Splurge on your favorite meal or dessert

Enjoy a good book or magazine

Watch your favorite movie/tv show

Engage in a good conversation with a friend

Take a nap or a bubble bath

simple pleasures


3.)    Laugh!  Laughter is the best medicine.  It helps relieve stress, pain, and conflict.  Nothing works faster to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh.  Humor lightens your burdens, keeps you alert and focused, inspires hopes, and connects you to others.  Laughing boosts your immune system because it decreases stress hormones.  Also, a good laugh releases endorphins, which releases the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.



4.)    Find a hobby and pursue it!  Hobbies are good for your health for many reasons.  They can keep you busy so you’re not overeating.  Hobbies are known to lower your blood pressure, work as a stress-reliever, and keep your body and mind active.  Find something you’re good at or something you’ve always wanted to learn and pursue it. 



5.)    Be thankful!  Scientists have found that when people practice being grateful on a regular basis, they experience many health benefits.  Did you know being thankful will override the feelings of sadness and depression?  Want to experience healthier relationships with others?  Be thankful!  Being thankful helps you handle stressful situations, so they don’t stress you out as much. 



Think about these suggestions next time you start to stress.   Don’t get caught up in the hassles of life, but rather embrace and enjoy it.

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