Build a Stand Event Ideas

Build a Stand Event Ideas

Lubbock’s Lemonade Day is right around the corner on May 4.  Betenbough Homes would like to share helpful insights to make Lemonade Day successful.

Build a Stand Tutorial with Kerry Ritchie

Our very own Kerry Ritchie teaches a step-by-step YouTube video to build your very own lemonade stand.  The tutorial video is designed to build an inexpensive,  sturdy and portable lemonade stand. (Click the following link to watch)

lemonade kerry

Build a Stand YouTube tutorial video with Kerry Ritchie

build a stand

(Click the Build a Stand instructions for larger image)

Decorate Your Lemonade Stand using Mod Podge

Supply list if using a 2 x 4 card table  (All items found at Hobby Lobby)

  • (2) 28” x 18” poster boards, $0.50 each
  • 1 sponge brush- $1.99

sponge brush

    • 8 wooden paper sheets, $0.59 each

scrapbook paper

  • Elmer’s Multi-purpose spray adhesive, about $5.00

elmers spray adhesive

  • Mod Podge Matte $4.99

mod podge


First of all, tape the two pieces of posterboard together.  Spray one side of posterboard with Elmer’s Multi-purpose spray adhesive.  Then place scrapbook paper over posterboard.  Make sure everything is stuck and no bubbles. You want the paper to be nice and smooth.   Allow the paper to dry over night while placing books on each corner.

Next, dip your sponge brush in the mod podge and paint the entire project to seal it.   When finished, again let the project dry overnight with books setting on it.

How to Make a Pinwheel

Placing pinwheels by your stand is a perfect way to make your lemonade stand unique.  Pinwheels are easy to make and fun for the kids.  Below is a link to a step-by-step tutorial on how to make pinwheels.


Making a Pinwheel Tutorial


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