Tips to make your move less stressful

According to the United States Census Bureau, more than 37 million Americans move in a year. Since many of these moves happen in May, this month is recognized as National Moving Month.  Better Business Bureau President Tom Bartholomy said, “Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.”

Whatever the reason for moving may be, getting everything from one home to another can be very difficult.  Move smart and don’t play it by ear.  It’s wise to have a solid plan set before the move.  Betenbough Homes would like to provide helpful tips for planning a move.

       moving tips


Clean the Clutter

What do you plan to do with the piles of junk lying around in your closet, basement and garage?  Instead of waiting until the week prior to moving, make a cleaning schedule a few months in advance of the move.  Start cleaning out one small room at a time, that way it doesn’t seem like such an overwhelming task.  Don’t be afraid to go through each pile more than once.  Make a couple of sweeps at it to help cut the clutter.  Decide what you really need, and give the rest away to a charity.

Closet cleaning


Make a Packing List

Make a list of things you are packing and put them into categories. When packing, place those specific items in the categorized boxes.  A list will help you organize your thoughts as well as helping you know if something is missing after the move.

moving day boxes kitchen etc


Clean Things You Normally Don’t Clean

Consider moving a perfect time to have things cleaned that you normally don’t pay that much attention to like rugs, bedspreads and curtains.  It’s also a good idea to hire a cleaning company to come and clean your furniture because you don’t want to bring old dirt and dust into your new home.



Don’t Pay For Packing Supplies

Why buy moving supplies that you can get for free?  Know an estimate of the number of boxes you will need, and start asking local businesses if you can use their boxes.  Grocery stores usually have many boxes that would be perfect for moving!  However, stores tend to throw away their boxes rather quickly, so ask management when they expect shipments to arrive.  This will help cut down excess moving costs.

packing boxes


Change your address before the move

Since it’s rare that your new address will take effect immediately, notify the post office, banks, and other important contacts before you move.  That way once moved, you’re mailing address will be closer to being changed.  Also, it’s a great task to mark off your to-do list before the move.  It’s one less thing to do you have to do.

address change


Using Professional Movers

If you’re moving across country or can’t stand the thought of walking up and down stairs with heavy boxes and furniture, hire a professional moving company.   Most people think movers are too expensive, but their price may surprise you in a good way.  It’s smart to always shop around for the best deal or get quotes from several movers.  If they are aware you’re shopping around, you may end up getting a lower price.  Your cost can also be reduced if you and another costumer shared a truck while moving to the same area.



Helpful Friends

Whether or not you hire movers, you’ll need extra sets of hands to help carry items to your new home.  If you are relying heavily on your friends to help you move, make sure they are committed.  Line them up early and see what day is best for them.  When the moving day comes, it’s best to already have a plan set in place for each mover.  That will lead to more things getting put in the right place and less confusion.   Don’t forget to thank each person that helped you moved.  In fact, it’s always best to treat them to something special.

friedns moving


Paint and Repairs

If your new home needs repairs or a fresh coat of paint, it’s best to do it before your boxes arrive. The job will get done much faster.  If you don’t have time to do it yourself, don’t rule out hiring some help to complete the projects.



Driving a Rental  Truck

If you’re going to rent a truck to help you move, read up on how to drive it before getting out on the road. If you normally drive a small car, the truck will be completely different.  It will be much wider and have multiple blind spots.  Also, you will need to practice stopping because  it’s heavier; therefore, it takes much longer to stop. You also will need to pay more attention to road signs regarding trucks. Another tip is to avoid backing up as much as possible.

moving truck



  1. The one thing I would strongly suggests is that you have everything you’ll need at least for 24 hours. I plan for a pallet on the floor just in case. Shower curtain, hooks, towels, soap and trail size shampoo. Clothes, shoes and a light jacket. Meds and pet needs


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