Keep Walls White and Decorate

When moving into a new home, time may not be on your side to paint.  The good news is a house can become a decorated home while keeping the walls white.   After all, it’s a well-known fact that white walls make rooms look larger. White is timeless and trendy.  Our blog today shares fun ideas on how to add color and pizzazz to a room without painting.

Kick up the color.  Area rugs add lots of color to a room.  With a large, vivid rug, it can work as the anchor for the furniture arrangement in the room.  A bold color rug can do wonders when brightening a home.

area rug


Panels that pop. Windows can shed a whole new light when using curtain panels.  Experiment with different color combinations, patterns, and window treatments to find which style fits your home best.  Curtain panels can hang on the wall, close to the ceiling, and/or all the way to the floor.



Pillow perfect.  Want a simple and inexpensive way to add a splash of color and comfort?  Add accent pillows!  Have fun mixing and matching solids and patterns to create a contrast.  Combine colors and see how the room is impacted.



Lamp shades of light.  Adding colorful lampshades in the home can give the room personality.  Dressing up a dull lampshade is very easy and will add a simple burst of color to any room in the home.



Personality and patterns.  Use furniture with different colors or patterns on them.  Adding slip covers or upholstered chairs to a room can add freshness and a new vibe to the room’s décor.



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