YouTube tutorial helps homeowners maintain A/C unit in a Betenbough Home

One of the most important things in homeowner maintenance is the air-conditioner unit.  Here in West Texas, we know the importance of keeping a cool and comfortable home in the summertime.  Maintaining the A/C unit is really quite simple.  There are only a few steps needed to make sure the air-conditioner continues to work properly.

The first step is to turn off the A/C unit.  There are two ways to turn it off.  One way is at the thermostat.  The other way is on the actual A/C unit.  On the top corner of the A/C unit, there will be several switches that just need to be flipped in order to turn off the air-conditioner.

The next step is to change the filter.  To locate the filter, find the flap at the bottom of the unit, open it, and pull out the large rectangular filter.  Check and see if the filter is dirty, if so, replace it.  It is recommended to change the filter every 30 days.  If a warranty specialist arrives at the home and sees the filter is dirty, it will be very likely that the warranty on the unit will be voided.

The third step would be to clean out the pc pipe that extends outside the a/c unit called the condensation line.  It is recommended to do this every spring, but checking it more often also a good idea.  In order to do that, lift it up at the bottom where the moisture is coming out, and stick a shop-vac to the end and suck the clog out.

jaime ac

In this helpful YouTube video, Maintaining the A/C unit in a Betenbough Home, our warranty manager, Jaime Perez explains why it is important to clean out the condensation line.

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