Winterizing your Home: Seven Helpful Tips from your Warranty Team

The temperatures outside are dropping, a sign winter is just around the corner! While this time of year brings extreme temperature changes, winterizing your home helps increase its functionality and minimizes potential negative effects. These tips will keep you warm and cozy in your Betenbough home this season.

“What’s that burning smell?”- Running your heater for the first time in a while will cause accumulated dust to burn. This could result in a burning smell or perhaps even smoke in the home. This is temporary and should not last long.


“Baby, it’s cold outside.”- Cover your outdoor faucets or hose bibs and drain your hoses. Hardware stores sell foam covers that insulate your outdoor faucet from the cold.

“Why is the room smoky?”- Follow all fireplace safety guidelines. Make sure the flue is open when starting a fire in your fireplace. Close the flue after the fire is completely out to keep heat inside your home and from going out through the chimney. Avoid mesquite wood. This type of wood burns at a very high temperature and may cause embers to pop onto the carpet.


“Ice, ice baby.”- Water located on the northern wall of a home has a tendency to freeze quicker than other water locations. Leave the cabinet and bathroom doors open in that area to allow warm air to reach those pipes.

“Is there a draft?”- Check windows for cracks. The extreme outdoor cold against the indoor heat can cause cracks to increase in a window or the window to even shatter. It is recommended to keep portable heaters away from windows to avoid extreme temperatures on either side of the window.

“Bye, bye, bye.”- If you travel over the winter months, leave your sink cabinet doors open to prevent freezing while you are out of town.

“More marshmallows, please.”- Lastly, drink lots of hot chocolate while it is cold. This just makes everything better. Stay warm!

Winterize, Hot Chocolate

If you have any questions about winterizing your home, please contact our Warranty Team in Lubbock at 806.797.3232 or in Midland and Odessa at 432.366.3232. Betenbough homeowners can also submit service requests online.

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  1. Winter season is on the anvil and people are gearing up for it since the harsh and cold winters are going to be testing times. We must make sure that one have complete check up the home before the temperature goes down..



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