A Peek Into Employee Homes Pt. 2

Today we’re featuring creative ideas from employees Tiffany and Chris Berry, and Brad Nelson. Tiffany and Chris live in a LeeAnn and have done some pretty neat things to their home. What stands out the most when you walk in are the shelves in the living area.

Tiffany says she got the idea from Pinterest and quickly enlisted Chris’s help to recreate the shelves. They purchased supplies from local hardware stores and followed instructions from the website on the pin. We think they turned out great!

wood and iron pipe industrial shelves
The shelves display everything from family photos to personal mementos.

Brad Nelson decided to spruce up his garage floor so he could work on manly things in there. He applied an epoxy coating to the floor, which prevents stains from setting into the garage floor. This also allows for easier clean up.

He purchased a garage floor kit from Lowe’s and followed the instructions on a YouTube video. Here’s the finished product:

painted garage floor
Brad chose to apply “fleck” to the floor in order to achieve a textured effect.

Have you implemented projects like this in your home? We’d love to see your photos. Share with us on Facebook. Twitter or here on our blog!



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