Homes for Hope Frame Tour

Homes for Hope Frame

Last week we hosted a frame tour and scripture signing to celebrate the midpoint of our Homes for Hope project in Lubbock. When Betenbough Homes’ employees build a home, we hold a scripture signing when the frame is complete and pray over the home and family. What a better way to celebrate the halfway point of this project than with a scripture signing?

Jack Nulty, Homes for Hope Executive Director, joined us for the celebration and spoke about some of the HOPE International micro loan recipients he’s had the pleasure of meeting (net profits from our Homes for Hope home will benefit HOPE International). He explained how these loans allowed struggling entrepreneurs he met to start or expand their businesses. These businesses have not only helped their owners and families, but have also created jobs for others in the community. The home we are building in Lubbock will generate about 1,000 loans that will help more struggling entrepreneurs in some of the world’s poorest places.

Jack Nulty, Homes for Hope executive director
Jack Nulty, Homes for Hope Executive Director

Scripture signing

Frame Tour


Holly Scripture

We’ll be highlighting a few Hope International loan recipients later this week. Don’t forget to check back to see how a small loan can help someone in a developing nation break free from poverty.

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