Featured Home Buyer: The Kings

The Kings
The Kings pictured with selections for their new home.

We enjoy connecting with and getting to know our home buyers and homeowners, whether in person or on social media. Each of our home buyers has a different story and home buying journey – some have been working toward their first new home for years, while others have just moved halfway across the country!  We’ve decided to a share some of these stories with you all through Featured Home Buyer blog posts.

Our first-ever featured home buyers are Craig and Addy King. The Kings currently live in a Christy in Midland, TX and have just begun building a Shari, which has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and great walk in closets! The Kings are excited to be building with us again and talk about their home buying journey below:

Home buyers: Craig and Addy King

Tell us a little about your home buying journey:

Our home buying journey with Betenbough Homes has been nothing but wonderful! So wonderful we are doing it again! They have the most wonderful staff that I feel like goes above and beyond to do whatever needs to be done. And the entire process from being able to write scripture over our home on our framework to the walk thru to the prayers prayed over our home is just the biggest blessing! We are so thankful God chose such a wonderful company to help us build a wonderful home for our family to enjoy!

 How did you feel when you received the keys to your first new home?

When we received the keys to our new home, we couldn’t help but be so giddy. We had to wait for a year until we could build our home due to our financial situation. So to say we were excited is an understatement!

What is your fondest memory of the home buying process?

Writing Scripture on our framework! Awesome!

What has Betenbough Homes offered you that no other home builder in town has?

A wonderful home at such a reasonable price. There’s no way in the world we would’ve been able to buy the size of home we bought for such a reasonable price in Midland. But because of Betenbough Homes, we were able to.

How do you feel about your community & what made you choose it?

We absolutely love our neighborhood. We have children, so this neighborhood is perfect for us. And we love the location! We are baseball fans so that makes it even more fun for us!

What is your favorite thing about your home?

The openness of the living and kitchen. We love an open floor plan and that’s hard to find in this town!

 What caused you to invest in a Betenbough home?

The price, location and also that the Betenboughs love Jesus like we do and support so many Christian organizations.

 What would you say to your friends and family about Betenbough Homes?

Are you kidding me, I refer everyone know to Betenbough Homes, ask your sales reps…lol! I just explain what a wonderful experience we had when building a Betenbough home and that it is truly the best price in town.

 Why did you choose to buy a home as opposed to renting?

Renting to us is throwing our money down the drain. We wanted to invest in a home. And also we have a large family of 6, so an apartment would have been very challenging for us.

What did you think about the whole process?

It’s wonderful…..period.

Any additional comments?

We just love Betenbough Homes and are so thankful the Lord brought you guys to us for sure! For a middle class income family, this has just been perfect for us. And we are so excited to build our new home starting this month. But one thing we said for sure was we wanted to stay in our wonderful neighborhood and build another Betenbough home! Y’all truly are just a wonderful company!


If you are a Betenbough homeowner and would like to be featured on our blog, email us at social@betenbough.com.


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