Employee Homes Part 3: Patio Ideas

Today we’re giving you another look into employee’s Betenbough homes – specifically their patios and the do-it-yourself projects they’ve implemented in their own backyards.

patio idea

Cal Zant, Chief Information Officer at Betenbough Homes, lives in a Kira with his wife and their two girls. Cal worked on the design for their patio space prior to moving in and got to work soon after. He’s personalized his patio by creating a great space for his girls to spend time outside playing or for he and his wife, Davida, to entertain guests.

You may be surprised by to find out Cal built the farmhouse table himself out of reclaimed lumber he got from his wife’s great-grandfather’s blacksmith shop! The shop was a train station during the Civil War era, making the wood over 100 years old. Cal custom-built the playhouse, but you can find similar ones online. His artificial grass was installed by Drake Lawn Sprinkler & Artificial Grass.

Betenbough Homes patio
Another view of Cal’s patio.

Ty Stolp, Architecture Team Leader, also executed a great patio design in his Betenbough home – a Christine. He purchased rock from Sparkman’s, lumber from Sutherland’s and a few materials from Lowe’s.

Ty patio-backyard

Ty and his wife, Rachel, created an extension to their patio with an eye-catching and functional stone design.

Ty patio-backyard2

We love both of these patio designs and hope they provide inspiration for your own home!

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