Casas for CASA

We have participated in Casas for CASA for around seven years! CASA is an organization that appoints and trains community volunteers to research cases of children who have been removed from their home. Casas for CASA is an event in which several organizations build miniature houses to benefit CASA of the South Plains.

We continue to participate in the event because CASA’s mission aligns with our company’s passion for the welfare of children. We are incredibly grateful for the work CASA does on a daily basis and are honored to participate in this event. As a home builder, this event is a natural fit for us. It allows us to utilize skills and resources we already have to build a great playhouse, which then positively impacts the organization through the funds raised. Several of our employees and their families are also personally connected to CASA having served within the organization and on CASA’s board. In addition, the project serves as a great team-building activity for our employees! This year we chose a beach theme:

2014 CASA playhouse


CASA playhouse




playhouse interior - whale


playhouse interior - turtle

To see the beach playhouse in person or purchase a raffle ticket, visit the United Supermarket parking lot on 82nd and Frankford in Lubbock from now until July 19th. Tickets for the raffle are $5 each.

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