Maintaining Peace During the School Year

School is back in full swing and you might’ve quickly realized how hectic days can become. No matter your kids’ ages, spending time together as a family is important. Often, scheduling in this time becomes necessary to ensure you stay involved in your children’s lives and that they continue to have a time to share what is going on at school or with friends. We gathered some tips from a few Betenbough Homes employees to learn how they maintain a peaceful household or implement family time during the school year. Find out what works for them:

We almost always eat dinner together around our table, without the background noise of TV or technology going. That’s where we find out how their school day went. Usually once a week we get into our pjs early, eat breakfast for dinner and watch a movie (or cartoon) together and call it Pajama Date Night. It’s one of our favorite nights.” – Kaylah B.

Once our kids were in high school, driving and working after school and into the evening I quickly realized we were going to have to be intentional about making time to be together.  I started getting up early and making breakfast and that became our meal together. ” – Holly B.

With having 3 active teenagers in our home, our lives are extremely busy with sports practices, games, cheer practice and homework. We have brought our kids up doing daily chores such as dishes, taking out the trash and feeding the dogs.  This simple strategy has always been a lifesaver in our home and helps to keep the frustration and stress level low for all. This allows more time for us to sit down to eat dinner together and discuss our day, help with homework and sometimes watch a movie.” – Jennifer O.

We play card games,  have movie night (usually Friday night), or attend a high school football game. We even go to the gym as a family and try to eat dinner together most of the time. Sundays are family day – church, lunch, maybe a movie, ice cream, or attending one of my daughter’s soccer games.” Lori R.

When school starts back up, we strive to stick to a routine every night.  So once, the chaos of dinner, homework, and bath time is finished for the night, I try to spend a little time with each of the kids individually. Eating dinner as a family is an absolute must in our house. For quality time, it ranges from putting sock curls in my daughter’s hair the night before so she has curly hair for school to snuggling up with my youngest son and reading stories or doing puzzles.  One of our favorite Friday night adventures is to pull out the popcorn popper and rent a movie. We usually order some sort of take out and make it a family movie night eating popcorn and staying up late.” – Christina C.

We block off time after dinner (typically 6:30 to 8pm) until bed time to just spend with the kiddos with no agenda other than to play. Then, when the kids are in bed, we spend time preparing for the next day: laying out clothes, meal planning, dishes, etc. This allows for the next day to be more organized. It’s all about prep time! On the weekends we try to plan out the whole next week (meals, groceries, events, etc). ” – Tiffany B.

How do you keep your household running smoothly when school starts up again? Let us know in the comments below!




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