Another thing we love and are celebrating this week is our company culture. We’ve often heard people say how warm and inviting it is to walk into one of our offices and we attribute that to our great employees. One of our company’s cultural cornerstones is unity. We live this cornerstone out every day in different ways.

Although we build and work in three different regions, we continually stay connected and unified through events and activities. We have all-company meetings once a quarter to go over financial information and a few other housekeeping items, but this is also a special time for employees (including spouses and children) from all regions to come together outside of the office. Our meetings usually have a fun theme and several planned activities.

2013 RockHounds game in Midland

Our company ministry team also puts together several employee events throughout the year. These include date nights, family outings to sports games, an annual winter retreat, and uplifting morning jumpstarts where employees can grow together.

Winter retreat 2015.


Rick and Holly Betenbough at a company date night.

You can read about these events in detail on our ministry blog, Betenbough Breaking Bread.

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