Employee Spotlight: Jason Price

Meet Jason! Jason is a builder in Odessa and has been with Betenbough Homes since 2013. He oversees construction of exterior elements such as slab and brick on our homes in Odessa. Jason is also the construction team lead in Odessa and interacts with all of our trade partners on a daily basis. He ensures supplies and materials are ordered and delivered on time and that trade partners are on schedule.

Jason and his wife, Paige, met in Midland and have been married for six years. They have a 16-month old son, Mason. See what he loves about working at Betenbough Homes:

Jason at a ’70s themed All Company Family Meeting.

Favorite thing about the company:
My favorite thing about the company is the family atmosphere. The company invests quite a bit of time in making you feel like family and not just an employee.

What sets this job apart from others?
The time and investment that is put in by managers for each employee to have opportunities to grow within the company. Another thing that sets us apart is our work with ministry partners. Betenbough Homes partners with several nonprofit organizations throughout the year in a variety of ways. It might be by providing a community giving grant or organizing a service project where employees go out and volunteer at the organization. This is very special and something you don’t see often at other companies.

What is your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part of my job is the interaction with our trade partners. They make it possible to build homes for our home buyers!

How do you feel about the work you do daily at Betenbough Homes?
I take pride in my job with Betenbough Homes. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have had with the company and feel blessed to be a part of this organization.

What do you love about your coworkers?
Their support. Without my fellow coworkers and what they do day to day, it would be difficult for me to do my job. Whether you are experiencing a personal problem or have an issue at work, the guys on the construction team are there to lift you up. They are easy to talk to and are quick to lend a hand.

What is your favorite Betenbough Homes memory?
My family and I really enjoyed our company Winter Retreat in Horseshoe Bay this past January. The ministry team did an impeccable job of organizing it and it was special to get to spend time with coworkers from Midland and Lubbock.

Jason and coworkers participate in a service project.

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