Delight in DIY – Recipe and Craft Instruction Cards

Did you miss our ladies event this past Saturday? We enjoyed delicious desserts and fun DIY home crafts that you can recreate at home! Here are the recipe cards:

Recipes from Meagan Wied, food blogger and creator of A Zesty Bite blog. OreoMousseJars-01OreoMousseJars-02 NuttyEnergyBites-01NuttyEnergyBites-02 CreamSoda-01CreamSoda-02

Recipes from Chef Chip Hight of Hight Foods. KeyLime-01KeyLime-02 GrahamCrust-01GrahamCrust-02 StrawberryShortcake-01StrawberryShortcake-02 AguaFresca-01AguaFresca-02

Enjoy incredibly soft hands with this easy to make sugar scrub recipe! SugarScrub-01SugarScrub-02

Air plants in a glass with some moss and rocks can make the perfect home accent piece for a shelf or coffee table. fish bowl air plant AirPlantCraft-01AirPlantCraft-02

Cacti and succulents can also make great spring and summer accent pieces. Try decorating the pot for personalization! cactus CactusCraft-01CactusCraft-02

We had trainers at both events who showed how household items can be used as workout tools. We have created another blog with some videos on simple moves you can do at home! ExerciseTips-01ExerciseTips-02

If you attended either of our events, we’d love to hear about your time with us! And we hope to see everyone again at our future events!

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