A Foundation of Quality

Betenbough Homes Products

As part of Betenbough Homes commitment to provide the highest quality home for our customers, we carefully consider every product featured in our homes.

These products create not only a quality home, but one that is affordable for families. We are excited to share several of these products here. Have a look!

Malarkey Roofing

In choosing a roof shingle, we searched for a product that has been proven to withstand rigorous and changing weather in order to provide a superior roof for you and your family. The Highlander shingle used on all Betenbough homes has a 110 mph limited wind warranty, contains a nail line that is twice as large as other shingles to provide secure and accurate placement and has a limited lifetime warranty.

In addition to security and strength, the natural wood Highlander shingle produces a dimensional appearance adding an aesthetically pleasing benefit.

Overhead Door

A local provider, Overhead Door, allows us to offer a garage door built to withstand the wear and tear of constantly changing West Texas weather.

For the fourth consecutive year, Overhead Door has been awarded the Women’s Choice Award which is based on a national survey of women asked to select the brands they would most likely recommend to others.

Overhead Door

Frigidaire Appliances

Frigidaire Gallery® Series appliances are included in all Betenbough homes adding a contemporary feel to your kitchen. Home buyers are offered black appliances and stainless steel as an upgrade.

Frigidaire has been recognized by USA Today as the Best of Year and several appliances have also been selected for the Editor’s Choice Award.



The kitchen is a space we know families gather, but prefer to spend less time cleaning. Electrolux dishwashers are offered as an upgrade in every new Betenbough home. Its SatelliteSpray Arm offers four times more coverage without utilizing any extra water and quietly deep-cleans every dish.

In addition, it has the largest usable capacity in its class and the ability to comfortably hold 180 items.


Offering style and quality, our tile flooring and backsplash options meet a variety of preferences. Daltile has been awarded and recognized by Builder Magazine, Floor Covering Weekly, and National Floor Trend’s Styling and Floor Covering News.

Our tile flooring can withstand more than 250 pounds and is resistant to fire and water. Its surface scratch hardness rates 7 out of 10 on durability testing. Daltile ceramic tile does not burn or emit toxic fumes. It is also environmentally friendly, and is manufactured using natural materials and does not retain odors, allergens or bacteria.


Shaw Floors

Even your toes will feel at home as they step onto Shaw Floors carpet in a Betenbough home. Shaw Floors is ranked No. 1 by Floor Covering News, Floor Covering Weekly and Floor Focus.

Our 25-ounce Suede Buff carpet sits on a half inch thick, six pound pad which offers support and comfort.

Allied Stone Luxury Countertops

Known for its unique and exceptional custom products, Allied Stone granite countertops, lend luxury to your kitchen and bathroom.

Through a valued partnership, Betenbough Homes is able to bring high-quality, exotic natural stone from around the world right into your home


Woodmont Cabinetry         

Adding to the beauty and sophistication of your kitchen, Woodmont Cabinetry can be found in all new Betenbough homes. All cabinets are ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program) certified and are offered in a variety of colors.

We’re proud to include these products in our homes, and know our customers are investing in a home built on a foundation of quality.

Betenbough Homes Building Systems

With more than 6,000 homes built over the past two decades, we have developed standards and systems that help us build in an effective and efficient manner.

As a systems builder, our volume and experience allows us to use perfected techniques and processes to build your home on a foundation of quality.

Truss System

As the science of building continues to evolve and improve, so do our building systems. Several years ago we adopted an advanced framing system to build our homes. Using 3D software, Alpine, an ITW company and leading worldwide supplier of technology-driven products and services for the building component industry, is able to precisely design and produce frames for all Betenbough homes. This software takes into consideration the rigorous and constantly changing West Texas weather. In addition, a licensed structural engineer analyzes each piece of lumber and every connector to ensure its quality.


This process not only offers our home buyers a structurally sound home, but also an economic one. The design strategically cuts and uses lumber to avoid human error and reduce waste. Eliminating unnecessary wood in the frame allows for more insulation, making our homes more energy efficient.

Once the building process begins, trusses are placed 24 inches apart and 24 inches on center with each stud. This allows an exact load to be distributed at the end of the trusses and for those loads to be transferred directly through the plates into the studs. By using trusses and prefabricated building components, we are able to build homes that match their exact architectural plan and stay on schedule.


Concrete Foundations

When it comes to pouring a concrete foundation, each city has its own set of standards that all builders must pass in order to build a home. However, at Betenbough Homes, we have our own set of standards that go above and beyond the city requirements to ensure the foundation of your home is of the highest quality.

For example, using a licensed engineer to design and certify every concrete foundation poured is an additional step we take to ensure quality. The engineer considers the location of your home, the soil on which it will be built, the weight of the framing and structure, and even wind loads. By hiring a professional engineer, which is not typical for other home builders to do, we are ensuring each foundation can best support the home.

2-8 Jeff, slab

In addition, we include a 24-inch, steel rebar grid to add to the support your concrete foundation. Together, the steel rebar and concrete create a superior foundation that can better withstand natural changes to the ground.

From foundation to roof, we are committed to offering excellence to our customers. For more information on how to get started on your dream home, visit betenbough.com or call (877) 620-4564.

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