Black and White Decor

It seems you can’t go wrong with black and white decor. It’s chic, modern and can be easily incorporated throughout your home.

Today we’re featuring an employee home that perfectly incorporates the trend. Zak Weed, sales specialist in Midland, lives in a Sydney floor plan inĀ our Lone Star Trails community. See how Zak and her husband, Terry, have included black and white in their home!

guest bathroom
Zak and Terry’s guest bathroom is decorated with black, gold and white decor.


master bedroom - striped wall
The master bedroom features a black and white striped accent wall.

For the striped wall, Zak says measuring and taping off was key in achieving crisp lines. “Once the wall was taped, I painted over the edge with the cream background color to seal the edges in and not allow the black paint to leak through.” Zak also adds, that though this method takes longer, “It was worth all of the time planning!” She followed a step-by-step tutorial she found on Pinterest.

vase in bathroom
Striped ribbon adds character to a vase.

Thanks, Zak for letting us in your home! How have you decorated with black and white? Let us know in the comments!

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