Tips for Busy Families

With the release of our new floor plans, which are perfect for busy individuals and families, we thought we’d also pass along tips to help with a bustling schedule. We asked a few people around the office what keeps their family on track during the week and here’s what they shared:


I try to clean and organize an area a day or at least every other. So if I open a drawer that looks cluttered I just take that ten minutes and clean it out right then.  In a perfect world I would have a few hours a week to clean but let’s be real, I don’t and if I did I would rather be with my family during that time.  So the small 10-15 minute increments are where it’s at. Michalea P., Lubbock Sales Manager

Dave Ramsey Chore Reward system – My children have chores that they can earn money for. This helps them do a job with excellence, receive a reward, and then learn to save, spend, and give. Kaylah B., Corporate Ministry Coordinator

Each teen has a chore that they are responsible for completing EVERY day; trash, dishes(loading and unloading dishwasher) and feeding/watering the dogs.
As children become teenagers, they begin to want to spend much more of their time with friends, outside of school.  It’s very hard to accept the fact that they are growing up, so I view these times spent doing chores together very valuable. It allows for much conversation and love be shared while at the same time teaching them responsibility!
Jennifer Oaks, Purchasing Team Leader

I do a 10-minute tidy in a different room every day, purging unused items as I go to eliminate clutter.  I also assign weekly (age appropriate) chores to all of my kids. Such as taking out garbage, doggy yard clean up, dusting, etc. Beth Booe HR Team Leader

We have an outside service help us twice a month and then we try to do a lot of our cleaning Wednesday and Thursday night so we can spend time with family on weekends. We also do a load of laundry every other day so it doesn’t pile up all weekend. Tiffany B., Ministry Manager

Dinner Time
(the crockpot seems to be popular around the office)

Throw it in the Crock-Pot the night before or early in the morning, let it set all day, and it’s ready to serve when I get home! It’s even easy enough for kids to help out. Kaylah Barnes, Corporate Ministry Coordinator

We put together a meal plan on the weekend and buy groceries according to that plan so we already have our dinners scheduled and OF COURSE – Crock-Pot A LOT. I like to Crock-Pot the meat so it is cooked when I get home and then I just add it to whatever dish I am making. This cuts my dinner cooking time in half. For instance, when cooking chicken pot pie, I have the chicken ready by the time I get home and just add it in with all the ingredients and pop it in the oven. Tiffany B., Ministry Manager

I second the Crock-Pot. Is it possible to survive without them? Michalea P., Lubbock Sales Manager

As spring approaches we will transition more into grilling out.  This helps keep the mess down in the kitchen. Jennifer Oaks, Purchasing Team Leader

Additional Great Tips

Each Monday my husband and I send each other a list of things we want to get accomplished that week and then we both work towards them. It’s more fun to do together and at the end of the week we have accomplished something together.  Much of our days are spent with our teams from work and this grows US as a team. Michalea P., Lubbock Sales Manager

Sam’s Club pick up: I can order the groceries online and have the store bundle it for pick up in the store. Then I can send hubby to pick it up or grab it on my way home. Kaylah Barnes, Corporate Ministry Coordinator

Preparation! Preparing lunches and laying out clothes the night before.  I can’t fail to mention that team work is the key – my husband is extremely helpful. Beth Booe HR Team Leader

We give our girls a bath at night so that is one less thing to do in the morning. Tiffany B., Ministry Manager

For coffee lovers – we have the Starbucks app so you can pre-order your drink and just swing by and pick it up in the store without waiting in line!  Tiffany B., Ministry Manager
What tips does your family implement to help the week go more smoothly? Let us know!



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