Construction Checklists and Systems

Betenbough Homes is dedicated to improving your home building experience through our proven systems and processes. We have developed a construction checklist and have adopted an even  flow system, which allows us to build you the highest quality home in an efficient manner, at the most affordable price.

To give you a snapshot of how these systems work, we interviewed Lubbock Construction Manager, Jarod Gonzales.

Q: What is a construction checklist?

Jarod: The checklist includes the many tasks we must complete to build a Betenbough home. There are four phases to building a new home, and multiple tasks within each phase. Each phase is overseen by a builder specialist who has a checklist for every new home under construction.

Q: How was this system developed?

Jarod: Our IT team has worked hand-in-hand with our construction teams to develop a system which allows our builders to access these checklists from their iPhones. Every home has a list which includes multiple details like the address, the floor plan, task deadlines, trade partners who need to be on the homesite and more. We used our building experience to request every detail and task that is listed for each phase from our IT team to help us better perform our jobs.

Q: How do the checklists and even flow system work together?

Jarod: The checklists keeps our builders accountable for every task that needs to be completed in a home, and the even flow system determines the deadline for those tasks.

Q: How have these systems improved the building process?

Jarod: It allows us to be efficient and organized. We know what, how and when a home needs to be completed. It’s also another tool to ensure quality. This system ensures we don’t forget any task or make a mistake on the small details of each home, because we have that information at the tip of our fingers.

Q: How do the checklists benefit our home buyers?

Jarod: It benefits our home buyers in a few ways. For example, at the beginning of phase two we frame your home, on that day, we can determine when your home will be complete and we have been 100% accurate. This allows our home buyers to plan ahead which can save time, energy and money.

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