Employee Spotlight: Andy Miller

Betenbough Homes is fortunate to be employer to more than 100 talented and passionate professionals. These individuals are equipped with a unique set of skills which they choose to share with the company and use to impact everyone they come in contact with. Today we’re introducing you to one of them:

Andy Miller serves as the company’s Ministry Regional Supervisor, overseeing Midland and Odessa ministry efforts. His job is to create an environment that promotes community for all employees, families and ministry partners. This includes everything from organizing company jump starts (weekly bible studies and times of fellowship), Friday family lunches, and celebrations for employee milestones, such as wedding showers, baby showers, and company anniversaries.

Pic 4
Apart from work, Andy enjoys spending time with his two grandchildren, Alayna and Channing.  

Favorite thing about the company?

My favorite part of Betenbough Homes is the genuine faith in God that flows through everything we do. It is evident through our company culture and in everyday operations.

What sets this job apart from others?

I believe it is the company’s faith in God that sets us apart because it empowers us to try things that most companies would not try! For example, having a ministry team, corporate intercessor, Vision Trips, and community marketing sponsorships and ministry grants.

How has Betenbough Homes impacted your life?

My wife  (Odessa sales manager) and I both get to work for Betenbough Homes and impact and serve other people in extraordinary ways. This definitely has had a huge impact on me expanding my world view and introducing me to new and exciting things. We have never been a couple who wanted to lay down roots anywhere. But since becoming a part of the Betenbough family, we are ready to be here for the long haul.

Pic 5
Andy and his wife, Kathryn dress up as American Gothic couple for a  “farm themed” family meeting.

How do you feel about the work you do daily at Betenbough Homes?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, love my job. Did I say love? I mean LOVE my job.

Pic 1
Andy snaps selfie with christian music artist, Jason Gray at the company’s 2016 winter retreat. 

What do you love most about your coworkers?

I like the bond that forms due to having the same focus and goals.

Can you tell me an interesting/fun fact about your life?

My wife Kathryn, and our three children lived and worked in Bangkok, Thailand for five years. In that time, we worked with an anti-human trafficking group. This traveling missionary spirit was passed on to two of our children. Our daughter is currently in Australia, studying Worship at Hillsong International Leadership College.

Pic 2
Kathryn, Andy and Reagan enjoy family time at the Galleria in Dallas, TX. 

Thanks for telling us a little about yourself, Andy! We’re thankful for all of your talents.


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