Above Cabinet Décor

Looking to add character and charm to your home with decor above your kitchen cabinets? Betenbough Homes’ interior designer, Brenna Moya shares helpful tips for decorating above your cabinets.

  • Know your space. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to decorate above your cabinets if you don’t have at least two feet of space from your ceiling to your cabinets. Small spaces with décor can have a negative affect and make a room feel cluttered and crammed. After all, you want the space to feel bigger than it actually is!
  • Big statement pieces. Large items are better for decorating above cabinets because they are more visible and make a big impact on the overall theme of the area you are decorating in.

cabinet decor 7

cabinet decor 2

  • Use multiples. Shop your favorite online store or home to find items that are similar in size, look or shape and group them together. This creates a uniformed look
  • Less is more. Take a look at your space and choose a focal point for your décor. For example, decorate above your stove or corner cabinet, this creates balance for the entire room.

cabinet decor 14

  • Layer your decor! Don’t try to fan it all out for display. Layering items on top of one another add dimension to break up the depth.

cabinet decor 12

  • Think, theme. Have a look at your entire home and see which items you can buy or use as above the cabinet décor, that add to the theme of your home.

  • Get inspired. Browse Pinterest, Houzz or your local Target or Hobby Lobby store online to get ideas that reflect your style and personality. Once you’re ready to buy, shop online. You can usually find promotional and discount codes to help stay in budget.
  • Holiday cheer. Adding simple accents to your existing décor is subtle, yet can set the tone for any holiday.

These tips are also useful for decorating above hutches and armoires or on shelves.

How have you decorated above your cabinets? Let us know in the comments!

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