Employee Spotlight: Cal Zant, President

We recently caught up with Cal Zant, the new president of Betenbough Homes, to see what he’s excited about in his new role! Read on to see how working for the company has impacted his life and what he’s up to when he’s not in the office.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

I’m looking forward to working directly with more teams across the company, because I know it will grow me and allow me to serve others in new ways. As a leader in this company, my job isn’t to build homes, but to build people. I’m excited about my charge to look for those moments when team members have conquered an area and need to be challenged with something else. I’m excited about the opportunity to pass on our leadership principles and approach to equip and develop the next generation of leaders. I’m excited about our company growth, and giving more people an opportunity to join us and experience the deep sense of purpose and fulfillment I’ve found here.

And I’m excited to learn more deeply what it means to allow God to run this business. We strive to do more than just run a business with Christian values or ask God to bless our plans. We really want for this to be God’s business, and let Him steer the ship. But, it seems like God doesn’t often reveal a detailed long-term plan, but instead provides “daily bread.” That may mean He only gives us the next step, or doesn’t give us peace with a certain decision. As a logical, results-oriented guy, that can be tough! So I’m excited to develop a faith that helps me be more in tune with the Holy Spirit and learn how to be obedient in those moments.

In what ways have you changed since starting at Betenbough Homes?

Nothing in my life has shaped me more professionally, personally, or spiritually as much as Betenbough Homes. Who can say that about the place they work?! This place has grown me into a person that I didn’t even know I could become. My friends have witnessed dramatic changes in me, and it’s so powerful that it’s even spilled over into shaping my wife and my little girls in significant ways, too. I believe I’ve matured into a more caring person and I’ve become much more aware of the people around me. I’ve also become intentional about integrating my faith in every aspect of my life, including daily interactions with others inside and outside of work. It’s given me an insatiable passion for seeing other people grow and succeed. It’s taught me how to have healthy relationships, and deal with conflict the way Jesus would, with both grace and truth. This place helped me uncover who God uniquely created me to be, and both inspired me and held me accountable to growing into that person. I honestly don’t think most people could imagine the transformation I’ve gone through since joining this team.

Who do you see as a mentor and why?

This has to be my mentor and friend, Rick Betenbough. I’m a student of leadership. I’ve read a small library of books on the subject, and have been blessed to attend a variety of leadership training events and learn from some of the best leaders of our time. But, I’ve never seen or read about a leader that does it better than Rick. He brings out greatness in people they didn’t even know was there. He consistently builds healthy, high-performing teams that are inspired by his passion, and would gladly follow him into battle. I’ve been close enough over the past several years to have an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes view, and can say Rick’s style is 100% authentic, and built on a selfless courage and a genuine love for those he leads. He’s ridiculously generous, and willing to share everything he knows or has. Rick is committed to helping everyone get to the next level, even if that means giving away his own job.

Israel Trip
Cal and his wife, Davida, on a vision trip to Israel with Rick Betenbough and other Betenbough Homes employees

What is one of your favorite Betenbough Homes memories?

I have been blessed to go with my friends here on life-changing trips to Israel, Africa, and Austria, travel to world-class leadership training events, and to eat a steak at the finest restaurants in the world. But the best memories are probably here in Lubbock. Our annual Ribs at the Range men’s event is always a highlight, and I’ll never forget the baptism of my friend, Tiffany, in the garden behind our office.

Tiffany's Baptism

Many of my favorite memories weren’t “special events” at all, but just normal business days. I can remember one of the first times I joined a management meeting in 2007, and timidly voiced my opinion on a topic. After that meeting, I found Rick and Ron Betenbough and just said thanks for allowing me to give my input and be heard, and they encouraged me by saying that I’m obligated to voice my opinion. They wanted my unique view, because it can help us get to the best conclusion. It was in those meeting where I learned the importance of a team, servant leadership, growth, transparency, courage, humility and what true unity looks like.

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

I have one big hobby I’m really passionate about, and that is shooting precision rifles. I’ve been a hunter since I could carry a gun, but I started getting interested in long-range shooting back in 2011. At this point, my interest in rifles has extended well beyond hunting, and primarily revolves around shooting steel targets at 400 to 2000+ yards. I even occasionally compete in precision rifle competitions.

Blog Author Headshot


Shooting in Competition

What do you enjoy about working with the other leadership team members?

First, they’ve become like family to me. We’ve developed deep relationships that extend beyond the borders of work. Each of them brings passion and an uncompromising commitment to courageous servant leadership. We all have a selfless and sacrificial love for this company, and we all want the best for the people we serve. At the same time, each member is immensely talented and brings a unique set of skills and perspective, which make the team even better. I believe God intentionally created us for community. None of us has every element we need. It’s like a machine with many parts. I’m just one part, and if all the parts were identical to me, it wouldn’t work. And I can’t work well without the other parts. I actually belong to the other parts. I’m better with all the other parts. We need others to come alongside us and help fill in our gaps to get the best result. These guys make me better, and I love them deeply.

Congratulations on your new role and thanks for chatting with us, Cal!



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