Vacation Packing Strategies

If you’ve traveled internationally or anywhere for longer than a week, you know what a hassle packing can be. Thankfully, Holly Betenbough, Betenbough Capital Ministry Director, who has traveled to eleven different countries, has perfected packing and gladly shared her strategies.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with the family, these packing tips can save you time and help you avoid heavy luggage charges.  Happy traveling!

What to consider

  • When traveling, one of the very first things you must do is consider the weather, season and destination. Questions you may what to ask yourself are 1) how many bags to I want to carry around? 2) What are cultural customs? 3) Are woman wearing shorts or dresses?


  • It is also good to think about the types of activities you will be doing while you are traveling. Are you working or serving? Are you hiking or sightseeing? Knowing these answers prior to packing can help lighten your load!

Choosing a color palette

  • For all of you fashionistas, this step may come as a breeze, but for those who may need a little assistance, here is a simple guide to a perfect summer colour palette.

Color Palette

Take any one color out of each category and you have a great combination!

Outfit Combinations

  • Search your closet and pull all appropriate items that fit in your color palette.



  • Be sure to get photos of your outfit combinations for reference and remember that ideally, every top will go with every bottom and that there is nothing wrong with wearing an item more than one time!


How to pack

  • Flexible Tote
    Use your tote to carry makeup, liquids, snacks, tissues, Wet Ones and head phones! Also, pack a small cross body inside your tote to carry once you reach your destination.


  • Clear Zip Pouches
    Use these pouches to keep all of your toiletries together. These are the pouches you will want to carry inside your tote in case you have a layover or lost luggage.  You may also want to pack a Tide-to-go pen and Downy wrinkle release spray!


  • Packing Envelope
    This is a life and space saver! Iron your tops, dresses and even blazers before using the envelope and your cloths won’t wrinkle. That’s not even the best part, a medium sized packing envelope can fit up to 12 items! Need one? Shop, here!



  • Shoe Bags
    As lovely as our shoes are, they tend to collect unwanted germs we don’t need near our clothing! To avoid this, simply place them inside a shoe bag. These can be purchased or re-purposed cloth bags.


  • Packing Cubes
    These nifty cubes can be used to pack items like skirts, shorts, dresses and swimsuits. Holly recommends using the folding device that comes with the packing envelope to get the best use of the space inside the cube! You can fit two cubes, side-by-side in your carry-on.


Additional Tips

  • Cardigan/Lightweight Jacket
    Dress in layers instead of a heavy coat. Even warm places can be chilly at night. Wearing a light jacket for the plane may also come in handy later!
  • Gauzy Scarf
    Planes can be cold, but it you wear a gauzy scarf it can also be used as a blanket or as a beach cover-up!

What strategies have you accumulated throughout the years? Share them with us in the comments!

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