Employee Spotlight: Jeanna Roach, VP of Sales and Marketing

It’s been a couple of months since Cal Zant, Corey Lusk and Jeanna Roach took over as the new leadership team for Betenbough Homes. Their bond, team spirit and passion for serving Betenbough Homes employees is evident and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them into their new roles. Today, we chat with Jeanna Roach about her new role and how she has grown and changed during her time with the company.

How long have you been with the company and what was your first role within the company?

I have been with Betenbough Homes since 2006 and started my career here as the first-ever public relations specialist.

In what ways have you changed since starting at Betenbough Homes?

I am certain that I am not even aware of all the ways that I have changed during my time at Betenbough Homes, because my transformation here has been so profound.  I would say that I am a much more well-rounded individual than I was when I started. My faith, which was lukewarm at best in 2006, has become an integrated part of my life.  Every morning, every big decision – tough or pleasant – every moment of Thanksgiving, every moment of sorrow, I give it to the Lord. It all begins and ends with my faith nowadays and that is because of Betenbough Homes and the people that work within its structures. Because of my faith, I am a better mom, better wife, better leader, better teammate, better employee, better friend, etc. I am not perfect, but I receive a lot of grace by the people that surround me.  They teach me so much.

What are you most excited about it in your new role?

I am most looking forward to having the opportunity to work with more people within Betenbough Homes. I have spent most of my time with marketing and sales team members, so I am excited to become more connected to individuals within all areas of discipline including construction and warranty.

What do you hope people take away from working here?

I hope that team members at Betenbough Homes have a similar experience to mine.  I hope they don’t ever dread coming to work – not one day during their time here – and I hope they too are transfixed and ultimately transformed by God’s love, which can be seen and felt all around this place.
What is one of your favorite Betenbough Homes memories?

I must say, the very first Betenbough Homes mission trip to the Amazon River in Brazil has to be my fondest memory. My oldest sister, Joy, and I were able to go on that first trip in May 2007 and I always tell people, I found God in the middle of the Amazon.  He was waiting for me there.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by His presence at one village and found myself weeping and weeping on my friend Jenny Miller’s shoulder after we heard the story of a malnourished baby. The baby’s mother was unable to produce breast milk and another a mother in the village was nursing this baby to keep her alive. In that moment, I saw God’s vision for community.  It was during that trip, that I prayed out loud for the first time in my life.  The Lord sought me out in the middle of the jungle, so now I seek Him whenever, wherever.

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

Jeanna and her husband, Andrew, on a gondola in Venice.

Spending time with our three kiddos and watching them grow is always fun. My husband and I absolutely love to travel.  We have no boundaries when it comes to travel.  We want to see it all and experience it all.

I also love spending time with my girlfriends, which I try to make time for every couple weeks, working out with my friend, Holly, and our trainer, Deborah, despite how tough she can be some days, Texas Tech Football and I really adore a good book.  On a recent trip, I read five books in five days.  It was heavenly!

Jeanna and Andrew in Central Park this past February.
Jeanna’s daughter, Olivia, with Pastor Martin on a mission trip to Czech Republic.
Jeanna and her son, Liam. during a trip to Denver last year.

What do you enjoy about working with the other leadership team members?

I really enjoy Cal’s and Corey’s unique perspectives on things and their uncompromising attention to detail.  They complement me so well, and I continue to see the power of a team because of our differences – our individual strengths.  I have so much respect for them and the work that they have done and are currently in the midst of doing. We have had quite a ride since 2006, so I can’t wait to look back in 10 more years and see all the ways that we have grown.

Lastly, who do you see as a mentor and why?

I am blessed to have had so many mentors through my time at Betenbough Homes, but my mind immediately shifts to two of them.

Kerry Ritchie, former director of sales and marketing at Betenbough Homes, has spent nearly a decade pouring into me professionally, teaching me about new home sales and asking me the tough questions. He has taught me when it’s appropriate to remain quiet, when to trust your gut and when to speak up. We have laughed so hard together over the years.  It’s been a blast.

Ron Betenbough has also spent a significant amount of time mentoring me.  Ron has believed in me from the minute that I walked through the door.  His love of people and his insane curiosity about their stories really connected with me. Ron has taught me that relationship-building is so important and is an invaluable gift, he has taught me that my passion for proper punctuation is acceptable, and above all, he has taught me that I am valuable and loved.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Jeanna! We are touched by your passion and commitment to the company.

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