New Homeowner Toolkit

If you just moved into your new home you might not own many tools, but what tools will you use often and need to have handy? Making the transition from renting to owning might mean you need to stock up on some simple hardware so you can start personalizing your home! Here’s what we recommend for most everyday tasks:

1. Hammer: A hammer is must-have for DIY projects, repairs, and hanging decor.

2. Nail & Screw Assortment Kit: This kit will be super handy when hanging various items, especially since many art and home decor pieces don’t come with nails.

3. Measuring Tape: A measuring tape will be helpful when you’re measuring spaces before you purchase furniture or hanging art or frames in the center of a wall.

4. Level: You can bypass this one by buying a level app on your phone, but if you prefer the old fashioned way, a regular level will also work. Both will save you time (and extra holes in your walls) when hanging decor.

5. Screwdriver: We recommend buying a multi-bit screwdriver with interchangeable parts. This will keep you from having to buy a full set.

6. Stud Finder: This is an essential piece if you’re installing items that will bear more weight, such as shelves. Hanging items where there is a stud will ensure decor or shelves are securely hung.

7. Ladder: Painting walls, hanging decor and cleaning tall windows will require a ladder.

8. Adjustable Wrench or Socket Set: You’ll be glad you have this on hand when putting together kids’ basketball goals, play sets or furniture.

These are the tools we use most often in our homes. What tools do you recommend for new homeowners?

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