Back to School Organization Tips

With the first day of school right around the corner, you may have already began to tackle your ‘back to school’ checklist. Now is a great time to prepare your home for early mornings drop-offs and after school homework!

We saved you some time and found Pinterest’s best organization tips to help you and your kiddos ease back into the school year. Take a look!

  1. Organizing a closet for kids
    After a fun-filled of summer of staying up late and sleeping in, waking your child up for the first day of school can be tough. To make getting dressed less of a hassle, try mixing in some of these tips into your weekly routine.

Weekly outfitsOn laundry day, also take some time to prepare your kids’ outfits ahead of time so they can easily grab their outfit and get dressed for the day. If your little ones can’t read yet, try making the weekdays a specific color!

Shoe organizerShoe organizer idea – before and after.

  1. Creating a kid-friendly door entry

At the end of the school day, kids may be anxious to get home and relax. Make sure your entryway is ready for their arrival! These tips can help keep your home organized and clutter-free:

Door Entry 1Designated space in entryway with personalized initial.

Door entry 2You can even add plastic drawers to keep paperwork and homework organized!

  1. Designing the perfect nook for after school homework

After the first couple of weeks of school, your children may start bringing homework home. Help them prepare for success by having a designated station for homework. Check out these fun ideas for inspiration:

homework 1Homework station idea for girls.

homeowrk 2Homework station idea for big families.

  1. Easy-grab after school snacks

Becoming a genius can be draining! Help your little Einstein refuel with an easy-to-find after school snack.

snacks 2Prepare grab and go snacks before the school week begins.

snacks 1Placing snacks in a cabinet or pantry that are accessible and are easy to reach can make your child feel more independent.

  1. Preparing your laundry room for pocket finds

After a week of recess with new school buddies, you may discover your child has kept several items in their pockets for safe-keeping. When you find these items during laundry time, make sure they have a place to go.

finds 2

FInds 1


We love these ideas and hope they help you get a smooth start to the year. What organization tips do you use during to the school year to stay stress free? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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