Back to School Recipes – Fit Family Bash

This summer, we hosted Fit Family Bash which introduced families to fun fitness activities and healthy meal and snack ideas! With the start of school right around the corner, it’s important to ensure your child’s health is a top priority.

Jordan Scott and Ashley Knuf from the Texas Tech College of Nutritional Sciences gave us a few meal ideas to help beat the brown bag boredom. They’re perfect for everyday school lunches or weekend snacks, so we wanted to share them with you!

  1. Hummus Veggie Sandwich: Combine your favorite hummus, sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots and place on a whole wheat bagel thin. Add quinoa chips, a plum and a water bottle and your kids are all set!
  2. English Muffin Pizza: Combine tomato sauce, cheese, chicken and olives – place on an English muffin. Pack a side salad with carrots and ranch, add apple slices with cinnamon and honey and your kids will have the most wanted meal at the lunch table!
  3. Tuna Pita Pocket: Fill a pita pocket with lite tuna salad. Pack a small bag of popcorn, a side of broccoli with ranch, sliced pineapple and teddy grahams. Add a water bottle and your kids will be full and happy!
  4. BBQ Chicken Sandwich: Shred rotisserie chicken, add carrots, barbecue sauce and place on a whole wheat bagel. Add a side of broccoli with ranch dressing and an apricot and you have a meal your kids will love!
  5. Build Your Own Nachos: Create a bed of blue corn tortilla chips. Top with black beans, shredded cheese, cherry tomatoes and guacamole! For dessert add a chocolate square and your little ones will have a delicious and nutritious meal!

We love these simple and delicious recipes! Try them and let us know how your kids like them in the comment box below! 



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