Meet Our Online New Home Advisers

Let us introduce you to Ronnie Wallace and Caleb Allen, our New Home Advisers! If you’ve visited our website, you may recognize their faces and we want to tell you all about how their main priority is to serve you.

Ronnie Wallace (left), Caleb Allen (right) 

How would you describe your position? 

“Our job is to help educate home buyers about our new construction and available homes. Many people don’t know that building a new home is an affordable alternative to purchasing a used home. We explain our unique process of construction and the different perks that make new construction a smarter choice dollar for dollar.” – Caleb 

How do you serve those interested in buying a home?

“Our goal is to provide clear and concise answers to help educate customers about the layout, quality, location and pricing of our homes so that they can make the best possible decision when considering investing in a new home. We also like to explain our building and buying processes to help buyers understand that a brand new home is attainable!” – Ronnie

What can buyers expect when they call or email you?

“Typically, we will spend 10 – 15 minutes gathering information by asking some very specific questions that help us narrow down what our home buyer is looking for in their new home. We want this conversation to go both ways – we want to learn more about their story while still answering those important questions they have about our homes and the process.” – Caleb 

What would you say to a buyer that is hesitant to make contact with you? 

“I would encourage them to definitely make the phone call to get better educated about Betenbough Homes and our home building/buying process. We are not high pressure. We are here to listen to our customers’ needs and help them get better educated.” – Ronnie

“Ronnie and I are not here to sell you a home – we aren’t even able to sell you a home! That first phone call or email you make is almost always to gather information, and we want to be an unbiased source for you to get those answers.” – Caleb 

What is an average response time and when are you available?

“If we are contacted during working hours, you should expect us to respond in about 5 minutes. We serve with the understanding that our home buyers have their own schedules and rely on us to work at their convenience! ” – Caleb  

“We’re available during the week from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and on Saturdays we’re available from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.” – Ronnie

What do you love most about serving our home buyers?

“Helping to educate them. Many buyers have never bought or built a home before. It’s a great feeling to see/hear them learn about our company and homes – they get excited about the future!” – Ronnie

“Most of the home buyers we come into contact with are so excited about a home purchase that we can feel it radiating off of them through the phone! It’s impossible not to share that excitement with them.” – Caleb

Tell me about yourself and family. 

“I recently moved to Lubbock from Midland and I’m enjoying being near my parents who have lived in Lubbock since 2000! I also am loving the great golf courses and ranges we have here. Golf is one of my favorite pastimes because it allows me to relax, compete and stay active.” – Ronnie 

 “I am also a proud dad! My daughter is 19 and is a sophomore at Oklahoma State. My son is a senior in high school and trying to figure out where he’s going to go for college.” – Ronnie

“I am married to a gorgeous woman who is wrapping up her last year as a PhD candidate in Pharmacy.” – Caleb


 “We have two fur-children, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Brody, and a barn cat named Parker. You can often catch us enjoying time at the dog park or lakes in the area. We also enjoy sports – you can always find us at Tech games or at home watching our favorite teams.” – Caleb

Ronnie and Caleb would love to serve you in building your dream home. Contact them today on our website or call 877.620.4594!

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