What is a VIP Tour?

At Betenbough Homes, we strive to offer you the best possible home buying experience, and that effort starts at your very first appointment with our sales team. We call this your VIP tour!

As the housing market continues to boom, our sales teams have been booked solid with VIP tours helping buyers get into their dream home! While walk-ins are always welcome, we encourage interested buyers to schedule a VIP tour with a sales team member to receive their undivided attention. Here are just a few of the perks you’ll experience during your VIP tour:

  • One-on-One Attention
    With to-do lists that never seem to end and the day-to-day tasks that keep us on our toes, we know how precious your time is. During your VIP tour, your sales team representative can provide you with his or her undivided attention. During this time, you are our priority, and we want to learn everything that is important to you in choosing the perfect home for you and your family.
  • Expert Advice
    Our sales teams are world class! After spending a little bit of time getting to know one another, your sales team representative will be able to help guide you to the home and community that best suits you and your family’s needs. With more than 30 floor plans available, having someone who knows the ins and outs of our floor plans and communities will save you a lot of time.
  • Homes and Homesite Availability
    Interested in a specific home and wanting to build on a specific street or homesite? Ask about that possibility at your VIP tour. Your sales team member will be able to use our internal systems to get you the answer you want without you having to wait. 
  • Available Home Options
    Whether you choose to build a new home from the ground up or invest in one of our available homes, there are many ways to personalize your Betenbough home. During a VIP tour, our sales teams would love to walk you through what options are available for your future home.
  • Experience Our Floor Plans and Products 
    Want to get a feel for our floor plans or see our products in real life? Our sales teams have the ability to take you on a tour of a completed home or one under construction. We understand that some of our buyers may be visual learners, and we would be happy to show off our homes.
  • Construction Timeline
    Are you a first-time home buyer and not sure how long it takes to build a brand new home? Our sales team can walk you through our home building process and construction timeline. You’ll leave your VIP tour knowing exactly what to expect.
  • Investment Price
    How much money can you expect to invest in a brand new home? We can tell you at your VIP tour!

Choosing to invest in a new home for you and your family is a big decision, and we want to give you all the information you need to make the right choice. Call Caleb and Ronnie, our online new home advisers, and schedule your VIP tour today.

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