Kingdom Business Vision Trip

The first group to take a company vision trip this year recently returned from their adventures in the Netherlands and Hungary! We have been blessed by the stories they have shared with us and wanted to give you a glimpse into what they experienced.

On this trip, our employees had the opportunity to share our company story and their experience working in a Kingdom-minded company. Trip attendees were able to experience the vastly different cultures of the Netherlands and Hungary.

Andrew Seegers, Kerry Ritchie and Holly Betenbough visiting a construction company.

In Budapest, the team helped put on an all-day conference attended by business owners, entrepreneurs and others wanting to learn how to apply Kingdom principles in their business or workplace.

Andrew and Marisol Seegers share their experience with conference attendees.
Lauren Hays, director of sales support, shares her story.

They also toured the country side of Holland and met with business owners, such as a fish market owner, farmers and more!

The group in Holland.

We’re thrilled this group was able to share stories of how our workplace continues to transform their lives. Here’s a little about what they had to share from their trip:

“Sharing from your heart, that you can do this – you can minister right where you are. That’s what God’s called us to do. It was incredible. It was a dream come true for us.”
Kathy Cadenhead, first impressions coordinator in Lubbock

“Over the past five years [working at Betenbough Homes] I’ve been loved on, invested in, challenged and accepted. It’s incredible to convey the impact this company has had on me to someone else.”
Lauren Hays, director of sales support in Lubbock

“It was so amazing to watch the Lord reveal how this place impacts people. I’ve worked at Betenbough Homes for almost 21 years and to go on this trip and truly see the impact and ripple effect of sowing and investing into your coworkers, it’s beautiful to see.”
Kerry Ritchie, president of Alcove Farms

“I don’t know where you are in your relationship with your manager or your team, but this is the ministry. This is what it’s all about.”
Bret Cadenhead, purchasing manager in Lubbock

“It was definitely a life-changing experience and listening to business owners share their passion for what they do and the hunger they have to seek the Kingdom and to implement it in their businesses was inspiring.”
Marisol Seegers, sales manager in Midland

Casey Brewer, business relations coordinator, and his daughter.

“It was powerful to hear our employees share their experiences. Talking with business owners that heard of someone’s life that was transformed by a business and gave them hope, empowered and inspired them to do something different in their business. That’s what we want to do.”
Rick Betenbough, founder of Betenbough Homes

“It’s all about love and loving people and your actions will speak louder than words. It was neat to be able to share stories of how those we work with every day love on the people around them.”
Allison Smith, ministry coordinator in Lubbock

Bret Cadenhead, purchasing manager speaks to a group.

“On this trip I saw that the more you show a genuine care for people, the more it pours life into them and they light up and that wildfire just spreads. It gave me a newfound joy and passion for people.”
Rachel Choate, closing specialist in Odessa

To learn more about our company culture and how you can grow your Kingdom business, visit

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