Eclectic Home Decor

Andy and Kathryn, Betenbough homeowners and employees invited House Made Home to photograph their eclectic home! Their Bella floor plan provides an open and inviting atmosphere that showcases their fun and vibrant personalities. Have a look!

Covered in shiplap and painted navy blue, the entryway wall makes quite the statement as you enter their home.

The wall in the kitchen and dining area provided the perfect canvas for Kathryn to create a beautifully decorated area with a teal backdrop and a variety of mementos and family photos.

Andy is a coffee connoisseur! He has dedicated a special place in his kitchen for his many coffee makers from around the world!

Mixing patterns, colors and textures creates a dynamic and captivating visual appeal on the dining table.

Andy and Kathryn chose bold and unique furniture pieces to personalize their home. We loved touring their home and seeing how they incorporated their style in each room!

To find a home you can make your own, visit!

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