Living Room Furniture Layout – 2,500 – 2,600 Plans

Our third and final set of living room furniture layouts is finally here! In case you missed the previous two parts of the series, check out our 1,500 square-foot plans with a kitchen island here and the 1,900 square-foot plans with either an island or peninsula in the kitchen here.

Today, we’re featuring a larger floor plan to demonstrate how you might arrange furniture in a more spacious living area. This floor plans living room space is very flexible and can be arranged to fit what is best for your family. The fireplace is centered on a wall to create a beautiful focal point which can be flanked with bookcases or shelves to display a collection of family photographs, or perhaps some of your favorite books.

2,500 sq. ft. Parade home in Odessa

2,500 Kitchen Island Plans

Below you’ll find a 2,500 square-foot plan that highlights a unique dining area. It can be used as a casual dining space or breakfast nook when your family isn’t using the formal dining room.

2,500 sq. ft. plan shown with a sectional

Incorporating a bench that can easily slide under the table creates a natural path from the entry to the living room. This gives you the chance to design a beautiful tablescape for your guests to admire as they are welcomed into your home!

The layout shown below focuses more on the fireplace and television for cold winter weekends or movie nights. There is a perfect spot on the wall behind the sofa which we deemed to be a charming and intimate seating area. This is a good place to curl up and read or enjoy the view out of the three large windows into your backyard.

2,500 sq. ft. plan with a sofa and two chairs


2,600 Table Island Plans

Below you will find our largest floor plan, which is 2,600 square feet. This floor plan features a unique dining experience with a T-shaped countertop where your family can sit comfortably for breakfast, homework, or a quick snack.

2,600 sq. ft. Carrie floor plan

Here’s another option for setting up an open living room with a large sectional. This provides comfortable seating with views toward the fireplace as well as the beautiful windows to the backyard.


Our next arrangement is similar, but features two sofas instead of a sectional. This gives you the freedom to move sofas around when you want to change up the look of your home!

2,600 sq. ft. plan shown with two sofas

Don’t forget a large rug! It provides a platform to work around and ties everything together.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these furniture arrangement tips from our design team and that they help you achieve the best layout for your home! Catch the next design team post for more tips in June.

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