Furniture Selection Tips

You’ve purchased your first home!  Now what?

First off, congratulations on your new home! We are so thrilled you chose us to walk with you on this journey. Today, we hope to ease your mind when thinking about unpacking all those boxes and splurging on new pieces to make your house a home.

Here are some tips to help you take the plunge on purchasing some new furnishings for your home or utilizing what you currently have!

Decorating a home from scratch can feel like a daunting task. Our tip is to focus on bigger items first. They usually come with a larger price tag, but every room needs a solid foundational piece to work off of. Items like a sofa, armoire or bed set the tone for the room, so it’s best to choose something solid or neutral in color.

Here are some of our favorite neutral sofas that won’t break the bank:

Beige sectional from Birch Lane


Grey loveseat from Macy’s


Leather sofa from Birch Lane

Once you’ve settled on a main piece, it’s simple to build off that. The second item to find would be large artwork or an area rug. If you already have a great framed art piece that you love, use that! For example, this canvas with a few colors like deep navys, soft greens and a touch of peach makes a statement and easily blends with other items in the room. It’s versatile and gives you a few color options.

Abstract wall canvas from Target

Now, onto the fun part! Gather accessory items like pillows, picture frames, lamps, throw blankets, and end tables that have similar colors to the painting. Don’t shy away from different textures and patterns! This also applies to mixing different colored woods and metals – the combination of items will bring depth and character into a space.

A design board can help you see how all of the elements go together. We like adding greenery like potted plants as a finishing touch.

See below for item links.


We hope these steps help you create a space that is personalized to you and that your family and friends can enjoy!

Do you have a space that you’ve curated to fit your design goals? Share them with us at We’d love to share them on our blog!


Links to items in design board:


Coffee table





Throw blanket

Accent chair



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