Best Greige Paint Colors

Picking paint for a room can be stressful because it sets the tone for the space. There are so many color choices which can make it overwhelming, but our interior designer, Brenna, feels it doesn’t have to be – especially with the current color trend, greige.  We decided to pick her brain for the best greige paint colors!

These colors are versatile and complement warm or cool toned furniture and decor. They also pair well with the super popular farmhouse look. Here are Brenna’s top colors (all from Sherwin Williams):

Gracious Greige
Decor that goes perfectly with Gracious Greige

Greige is the perfect neutral for any space and style because it has blue and yellow under tones and will appear relatively cool next to taupes that are in your wood furniture pieces. They are also safe because you can bring in color with accent pieces such as throw pillows or wall art!

Agreeable Gray
Agreeable Gray featured in the kitchen and living area of our 2016 Parade home.
Anew Gray
Into the Gloaming
Useful Gray


Any of these colors can be purchased at your local Sherwin Williams store, where you can also purchase a sample size can to paint a swatch in your home before committing to a full can of paint.

Have you used a greige in your home that you love? Send us pictures to or post in the comments below. We would love to see how you have made your house into a home.

Stay tuned for the grand opening of our newest sales center in Lubbock, where you will see many of these colors featured!



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