1,000 Closings in 2018!

Wow, we’ve reached a milestone moment with 1,000 home closings this year! This is the first time in company history we have welcomed this many homeowners into our family in one year.

Because of the many families who have entrusted us to build their home, we’ve been able to give $898,310 to 281 organizations and nonprofits in West Texas! In addition, we have given $1,054,330 to 14 global organizations in 2018.

“It’s not about expanding our market share. It’s about providing homes for those who need homes. That’s our calling,” shared Ron Betenbough, co-founder of Betenbough Homes.

Our offices took a moment to commemorate this special milestone with cake and fellowship. Take a look!

Journi and Salvador of Amarillo marked 1,000 homeowners for the year!


The Amarillo team celebrates this milestone moment.


Bell Farms team in Lubbock


Bell Farms team in Lubbock celebrates in their model home.


The team at the Lubbock New Home Center on 82nd Street.




The team takes a moment to say a prayer of gratitude.


The Midland team celebrates with streamers.


The crew in Odessa celebrated with chocolate cake!


We look forward to serving all of our existing and new homeowners in 2019!

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