What’s the Interest? Part 2

Now that your mind has been eased about the rumors of rising mortgage interest rates… Where do you buy your new home? Don’t worry, we know someone!

Here’s a few reasons homeowners are interested in Betenbough Homes:


While the affordability of our homes is important, quality is our first priority. Your home is a source of pride, and we want you to take comfort in the fact that your home is structurally sound, energy efficient, and built with a foundation of quality.


We believe homes can and should be affordable and that every family should know what their dream home feels like. It is possible!

Luxury Products

Who doesn’t want their house to look nice? We do to and that’s why we offer homeowners luxury products from brands like Moen and Samsung. Not to mention, you can choose from granite and quartz countertops, wood-like tile and more!


We are in the business of building homes, not houses. We believe in what we do that much. Because at the end of every day, there is nothing like coming home.

Still have some questions? We would love to continue to ease your mind! Click here to choose a preferred lender to visit with.

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