Making an Entrance

The entryway to your home says “welcome,” but in what way? It tells your visitors who you are and how you want them to feel.

1.Is your entryway a catch all? Leave your shoes, leave your keys, leave your purse, and all your worries at the door. This entryway says, you’re home – relax.

Home Depot

2. Do you want to make a statement? With a pop of color or fun wallpaper, your home can create an impact leaving your visitors excited to see the rest your home has to offer.

From Etsy

3. Are you an all clean everything type? We don’t blame you. All white with a cabinet or dresser can create the perfect clean space that’s eye-catching and functional. A wicker basket is perfect for hiding all items you bring in.

One Kings Lane

4. Are you a bit more formal? You like the idea of someone coming into your home and feeling fancy, huh? Go ahead with your bad self. Just be sure to leave some seating for your guests to wait for your warm welcome and a statement piece to get them thinking.

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