Helpful tips for first-time home buyers

Buying a home is a big step… up there with choosing an engagement ring and buying the family vehicle when the first baby is due. So many thoughts and emotions go into the process, that it can seem daunting. Let's take a look at two questions our sales team is frequently asked by first-time home [...]

The Gutierrez Family – Friends Up and Down the Street

"We love this community because there are tons of young families in the area, and Max has friends up and down the street." What a great thing to hear from a new homeowner! We love to hear from families who have developed close friendships with other homeowners in their community. There are a lot of different factors [...]

More Than A Mortgage Payment: The Facts About Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a maze, but don't be caught in confusion! Be savvy on a few facts that I've compiled for you and breathe a little easier. The newer the home, the lower the insurance cost. FACT: Prices will go up on homeowners insurance as the home ages. FACT: Prices will go up with extreme weather. [...]

The Varghese Family – Betenbough Homes Treats Us Like Family

Five years ago, April and Biraj were tired of paying someone else's mortgage [a.k.a. renting]. Their first daughter was less than a year old, and they were ready to find the perfect home. The couple walked into the model home and knew Betenbough Homes was the right builder after spending a few minutes with our New Home Team. Five years and [...]

Homeownership Is: The Watts Family

June is quickly coming to an end, but we have one more wonderful family to feature for National Homeownership Month. "More home for the money than any other builder!" - The Watts Family Other Families The Rodriguez Family The Gaines Family The Vega Family Tell us your reasons for owning or wanting to own a home!

Homeownership Is: The Vega Family

Another reason to love June [besides that it's Homeownership Month]? Celebrating the longest day of the year and the first official day of summer tomorrow on June 20. Read below about another great family that lives in a Betenbough home and their reason for choosing homeownership. "We were able to buy new for the same price as [...]