Introducing affordable craftsman style!

Our family of craftsman homes is complete! These homes are now available in all of our regions and have a new innovative design that brings unique diversity to each of our communities like never before. These ladies offer multiple colored siding schemes, all white trim, soffit/fascia around the home, and is available as a three, or four-bedroom home. We are excited to finally share our … Continue reading Introducing affordable craftsman style!

Tidying Up in the New Year

Today, we have a special post from our interior designer, Brenna! She’s sharing what she’s been up to since the new year: I spent the last couple days around my house tidying up thanks to Marie and her new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re probably still stuck in 2018. Just kidding! A couple of years ago, she … Continue reading Tidying Up in the New Year

Living Room Furniture Layout – 1,900 Sq. Ft. Plans

We are so excited to share our next set of furniture layouts with you. If you missed the first design set, you can go back and read it here. Below you’ll see a 1,950 square foot floor plan that features a beautiful kitchen that includes a peninsula that looks out into the dining and living area, and a gorgeous entryway. A wide entry space allows … Continue reading Living Room Furniture Layout – 1,900 Sq. Ft. Plans