August Edition: Most Popular Floor Plan

Remember voting for class favorites in high school? If we held a favorites vote for our floor plans, our 1,700-square-foot family would definitely win "most likely to succeed." The Rachel Marie topped the most popular floor list in July, and the August most popular floor plan winner is the Brandi. Both floor plans are members of [...]

Out and About in Quincy Park

As a home builder and a community developer, Betenbough Homes has a unique opportunity to influence the layout of neighborhoods where we build our homes. Our goal is to create a safe, energetic community that brings people together, but also provides privacy. My job as a designer is to create a space that encourages interaction [...]

July Edition: Most Popular Floor Plan

With a beautiful combination of brick and stone, the Rachel Marie floor plan is a favorite in our West Texas communities. It's not a surprise that she is July's most popular floor plan! The 1,761-square-foot Rachel Marie has an open family area with a great high bar/kitchen island combination. Other features include a spacious master suite, [...]

Wide Open West Texas Floor Plans

How about that formal dining room that you haven’t set foot in since you hung up the last piece of artwork? Or the office that is now a make-shift storage room? Home buyers are drifting away from rooms and spaces that aren’t used for their intended purpose and requesting a more efficient floor plan that [...]